Small team. Big time communications.

Cell phones are great but when it comes to business, your communications deserve an upgrade. Talkify is a modern business communications app that gives your team the features of a professional business phone system without the hassles or costs.

Built for the way you work.

Work is more about what you do and less about where you do it. Whether your team works in an office or shop, from home or on the go, Talkify makes it easier for you to connect, collaborate and wow your customers.

With Talkify, you can:

Easily stay connected with remote or mobile coworkers, contractors, and partners

Choose a local phone number for your business

Get unlimited calling and texting from your business number

Provide a polished customer experience with every call, text and social media response

Ring individuals or the whole team so you never miss a customer call or new opportunity

Key features for small teams

Call Flow Builder

Manage who gets inbound calls or messages, where calls go after hours and more with a simple drag and drop tool.

Custom Ring Groups

Have calls ring your whole team at once or ring groups based on team member skills, work hours, location or the criteria you choose.

Easy Mobile App

Make and take calls with your business number, chat with your team, search contacts and more directly from your mobile.

Group Calls & Messages

Instantly set up a group for your team, then call or message everyone with a single click.

Digital Receptionist

Give a professional feel to every call by playing a custom, automated message to callers and collecting information about their needs before you pick up.

Team Member Presence

See if team members are available at a glance so you can easily collaborate, transfer calls or avoid putting a customer on hold.

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